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Thumb Turn Kitemarked Euro Cylinder Locks

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 Keep intruders out with the attractive and inexpensive Kitemarked Thumb Turn Euro Cylinder Lock from MAX6MUM SECURITY!

Focusing on improving your home security with the most inexpensive options on the market today is key to protecting your home from the break-in spike. Finding the best quality door locks is key these days as burglars are getting more and more desperate to get into your homes, and using techniques such as picking, drilling, bumping, and snapping they can get into most homes without front door security. Taking steps to protecting your homes entryways is inexpensive and the MAX6MUM SECURITY Kitemarked Thumb Turn Euro Cylinder Lock can help you in keeping intruders out. The insurance approved lock is not only BSi Kitemarked, but has also been awarded 'Secured by Design' accrediation by the Association of Chief Police Officers!

The cylinders are available in brass and nickel finishes. Each Thumb Turn cylinder comes with step by step fitting instructions, so you will not need to call out a locksmith or handyman to fit the cylinder for you, saving money! 

The thumb turn cylinders are available in brass and nickel finishes. Each thumb turn cylinder comes with step by step fitting instructions, so you will not need to call out a locksmith or handyman to fit the cylinder for you, saving money! The thumbturn is a special ‘D’ shaped thumbturn. This has been design to make it easier to operate, with better grip and easier turning. This is therefore ideal for people who are elderly, have arthritis or have limited hand movement.


Some of the fantastic features that are included in the 6 pin euro cylinder help to slow down cylinder attacks from intruders using the most common and popular techniques for braking into homes, making the MAX6MUM SECURITY Thumb Turn Euro Cylinder one of the best and most secure door locks available:

Sacrificial Cut: Lock snapping is a common burglary method that accounts for around 27% of all burglaries. On homes where the cylinder protrudes more that 2mm from the external door handle, then it is possible for it to be snapped. A majorty of doors in the UK are fitted with very basic and budged door cylinders which does not have any security on them at all, and it is very easy to snap the lock (which snaps at the weakest point which is he central screw hole) and maniplute the cylinder into opening (even if you have very expensive and secure multi point locks!). On MAX6MUM SECURITY cylinders, it has sacrificial cut lines which will break off instead of at the central screw hole, leaving the lock mechanism in tact and secure. Two of the pins will also still be intact, so the cylinder will still be locked and it will be possible to still unlock and lock you door using your key until it is replaced:


Anti-BumpLock bumping is one of the most common methods and certainly the most dangerous for home owners as insurance companies do not pay up as ‘bumping’ leaves no trace of a forced entry. A key is used and is hit into the lock. This causes the pins int he cylinder to bounce up and down, eventually tricking the cylinder into opening. The MAX6MUM SECURITY Thumb Turn Cylinder uses a Patented timing pin system which prevents lock bumping from happening without the use of trap pins which completely locks the cylinder up if bumped, trapping people inside the house (commonly found on other cylinders).

Anti-Pick: One of the oldest and still relatively common methods of breaking into homes is through cylinder picking, however it takes a great deal of skill to be able to pick a lock. 3 anti-pick pins on both sides of the cylinder lock makes it difficult for even a professional locksmith to pick the lock!

Anti-Drill: Drilling is common among intruders however 4 steel hardened anti-drill pins on both sides of the door lock makes it virtually impossible to drill the cylinder using common drill bits.

Each cylinder comes with 3 keys as standard. Key blanks are also available to purchase to have the key cut yourself (the MAX6 key blank is around 2mm longer than a traditional key blank, so traditional key blanks will not work on MAX6 cylinders). The key blank is standard, and not a car key shape - meaning that it will not be very expensive to have replacement keys cut.

It is essential you buy the correct size door locks for your door to prevent the chances of lock snapping. We have developed a cylinder gauge which is very simpe,l to use, and measure the correct size cylinders for your door. For more information please click below:


  • Awarded ‘Secured by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers
  • Awarded the British Standard Kitemark from BSi, number KM 561977
  • Sacrifical Cut: The thumbturn cylinder has a sacrificial cut line on each end so when force is applied to either side, the thumbturn cylinder will break away to the sacrifical line only, leaving the locking mechanism intact
  • Anti-Bump: The thumbturn cylinder has a ‘zero lift’ pin which sits far higher than the rest of the pins, to ensure that bump keys cannot reach it to bump the lock
  • Anti-Pick: 3 x Anti-Pick pins in each side of the thumbturn cylinder
  • Anti-Drill: 4 x hardened steel Anti-Drill pins in each side of the thumbturn cylinder which require a special drill bit to break through. Common drill bits will have no effect.
  • Conform to EN1303:2005 standards
  • Up to 2 year guarantee

Fitting your replacement thumbturn cylinder is easy and only requires a screwdriver.


  • Put your key in the current cylinder and open the door
  • Using a screw driver, remove the retaining screw from the fixing hole which is underneath the latch and directly in line with the cylinder
  • Turn the key approximately 30° clockwise or anti-clockwise while applying slight pressure to the opposite end of the cylinder so the cam (centre of the cylinder) lines up with the cylinder body
  • Slide the cylinder out of the door towards yourself


  • Turn the key in the UAP+ Zero Lift Replacement Thumbturn Cylinder approximately 30° clockwise or anti-clockwise so the cam (centre of the cylinder) lines up with the cylinder body
  • Insert the UAP+ Zero Lift Replacement Thumbturn Cylinder into the door
  • Place the retaining screw into the door’s fixing hole and use a screw driver to tighten – so it is secure, but not over tight.